Hello. I am Amy Pidgeon. Developing Nazzy Moms Unite has become my mission.  I am a mother of 2 boys, Brady and Jaxon
and my husband is Tony. We moved here because we felt that the Nazareth area school district best met our needs for the education and because of the community. 

I want to share a story with you, not because it defines me,
(it is only part of my story, not my complete story.. that has yet to unravel) but it will help you understand why I am so passionate about our mission.


When I was a 12 year old girl, I lost my mother to a mass murder. It was the first time in the history of the Lehigh Valley (and most parts of our country) that such a tragedy occurred locally. That was 32 years ago, when violence was not an everyday occurrence. When people did not worry about their safety when leaving their homes. Why do I tell you this you ask.......not for pity, not for sympathy! I tell you this because it is part of my why!

I was thankfully raised by a community! Many people who looked after me, keep their eye on me, called me out on my choices, kept me focused on a goal. I could have easily choose another path, made life changing decisions! ( and to be honest I did) But I had people who cared about me, about the choices I made at school, at home, at work, in my community...they did not fail me! They helped to develop my morals, my values, my ethics as a human. They knew me and I knew they cared! I felt responsible to be the best me, because so many people were invested!

I want the same for my children, We want them to grow up strong and independent with great character, morals and values. We want as many community members as possible with their eyes on them, teaching them right from wrong....We absolutely feel it takes a village to raise our children! Parenting by far is the hardest job we have ever done, and we know we can't do it alone, however we also know it's starts in our home. We need their teachers, their coaches, their friends parents, their friends to be in our circle, just as we would expect to be in theirs. No one wants to see a child fail or be failed!

So now you see where I am coming from, you know some of my Whys. 

This is about making a change, because what is going on around us IS NOT WORKING! 

This is about coming together as a village, and taking action....talking gets us no where!

This is about commitment from a group of moms that are willing to come together and work as a team, to accomplish the goals of education, safety and happiness for our children, who we want to become great adults! 

This can happen throughout the community, given the proper resources, education, and commitment. This group will take us on many journeys, not just our current hot topics, but topics that can and hopefully will make change for our kids.