• Wendy Barron

Student Reflections

Kicking off this section with student reflections.

In all of my courses, we start the class period with a Mindful Minute. It is a short period of time to transition from the hustle-and-bustle from another class, an exam, work or just finding a parking spot. During this minute, I teach and guide them through a mindfulness exercise, sometimes we will pick from a deck of mindful cards that have a short activity.  Just a moment to sit, breathe and clear & calm our minds.

For those who want to explore more mindfulness, they can enroll in a 10-week course. These videos are student reflections after completion of this course.

A huge shout out to  Dotte Brown Jr., Samantha Chubenko, Amresse Farrow and Andrew Luther for taking the time to film these clips and allowing me to share their thoughts with all of you.

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Click the link below to view a 2-minute student reflection on how  mindfulness helps them in everyday life.


Click the link below to view a 1:32 minute student reflection on how mindfulness helps them with their academics.